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TRUE Thailand Selects Zkong ESLs

Publisher:Zkong Release time:May 20 , 2020 Source:Zkong


True Corporation, the first pioneer to revolutionize total communications in Thailand, Now it has became one of Thailand's largest providers of telecommunications services.

TRUE Thailand Selects Zkong ESLs

As we all notice that this is not the first time the mobile retailer chose Zkong's electronic shelf label to transform their traditional stores to the more digitalized store . You may catch a lot of reformed flagship stores equipped with Zkong ESLs like China Mobile service stores and T-Mobile experience centers in different countries.


Continuing this connecting spirit, the retailer decide to roll out new concepts in several of physical stores in Bangkok. The new TRUE store expected to adopt a more interactive and inspiring customer experience with Zkong ESL cloud system, as well as more neatly but necessary information presented.

TRUE Thailand Selects Zkong ESLs

Why Zkong:

There are kinds of reasons to impress the largest telecom in Thailand but these characteristics are really impressive:

√ Slimmer design.
√ The fastest update speed.
√ Real SaaS architecture.
√ Superior coverage.
√ Intelligent NFC to support interaction and instant updates.
√ Lowest battery consumption.
√ Flexible and agile customization.

TRUE Thailand Selects Zkong ESLs


This is just the beginning for TRUE to leverage Zkong's promising electronic shelf labels to complete the digital transformation , rebuild the customers' views on industry innovator in Thailand.

1. Created a more personal connection with customers by visual communication and satisfactory service.

2. The ESLs released sales consultant to focus on their area of expertise--products and customers.

3. productivity and profitability has been great enhanced.40% saved on labor hours and materials cost.

TRUE Thailand Selects Zkong ESLs

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