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We provide customized ESL Solutions for our clients in various industries, and help them to gain higher income and lower cost.
Committed to custom services and perfect solutions for all market needs
  • Digital Store Solutions for Supermarket


    For fresh-food market, the big problem is adjusting price several times before product expiration, sometimes even up to 4 times per day when season change. Paper labels are often damaged by water, which is insanitary and inaesthetic, and have impact on brand image. Sales and margins will go down because a lot of resource and cost are wasted. Zkong’s cloud Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) can solve all these problems, and help Fresh-food stores evolve into a more welcomed environment with clean and tidy merchandising basic, and smart labels to improve sales performance in a sustainable way.
  • Digital Store Retail Solutions


    Since big retail stores have various of product categories, when stores must change the product prices, it not only usually takes a lot of labor cost and resources, but also some mistakes may happen. ZKONG Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) solution can update millions of product information in seconds accurately, which help stores reduce the operational cost and improve the general brand image, thus also increase the total sales revenue. Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) bridge the gaps of challenges for in-store management, and is the milestone for New Retail. Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) start a happy journey for customers who want to be more engaged into the shopping environment and benefited from deeper interactions with stores.
  • Digital Store Solutions for Electronics


    At digital product stores, the product details displayed to customers are insufficient, which used to be a big barrier for offline shopping. Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) is a perfect selection for shop owners to display and demonstrate plenty of specifications within seconds. It’s easier for customers to choose and buy products have similar models but different functions. It will be a pleasant journey for customers when they can acquire enough product details and benefits from electronic shelf labels (ESLs), and confirm what they really need in a shortened buying process.
  • Digital Store Solutions for Warehouse


    Electronic shelf labels reduce paper usage drastically and makes warehousing much easier than before: ZKONG platform is well connected to client’s ERP systems, it can display and update the stock information instantly. The LED on the labels will alert when the stock is lower than the set quantities. With all these features, it is more convenient for to warehouse to confirm the inventory and control the total cost.
  • Digital Store Solutions for Pharmacy


    In the aging society, the needs of medicine grow fast, thus drugstore plays a crucial role in retail industry. Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) is the right selection for pharmacy to expose necessary information include side effects, contraindication, thus customers can know mor carefully on the shelves. What’s more, electronic shelf labels (ESLs) and IoT system also help to optimize the drug stores’ sales performance by accurately catch shopper’s needs and quickly adjust stock for market demands. No doubt, electronic shelf labels (ESLs) has started the digital revolution for the drug chain stores.
  • Digital Store Solutions for Office


    Digital Store Solutions for Office includes advanced digital displays and electronic shelf labels, streamlining information management, enhancing real-time updates, and improving overall operational efficiency and customer experience.
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