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Hangzhou Zkong Networks Co., Ltd.
ZKONG’s IoT Retail Solutions revolutionize the retail industry by offering digital signage and Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) that enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency. Their cloud platform enables seamless device integration and data analysis, allowing for informed decision-making. ZKONG’s ESLs update product information swiftly and accurately, reducing labor costs, minimizing errors, and boosting sales, marking a significant advancement in retail technology and customer interaction.

Success Stories

ZKONG’s Digital Store Retail Solutions transformed a top supermarket chain with electronic shelf labels and digital signage, cutting costs by 20% and enhancing customer engagement through dynamic pricing and promotions.

  • CDF Engages Shoppers at Shelves with ZKONG ESL
    China Duty Free Group
    ZKONG's solutions at China Duty Free Group streamlined operations, enhancing the shopping experience for international travelers and significantly boosting duty-free sales.
  • A comprehensive electronic labelling solution for Estée Lauder
    Estée Lauder
    Implementing ZKONG's ESLs, Estée Lauder personalized customer interactions, leading to an enriched beauty shopping experience and increased brand loyalty.
  • A comprehensive electronic labelling solution for Xiaomi YouPin
    Xiaomi YouPin
    With ZKONG, Xiaomi YouPin innovated retail by integrating ESLs for real-time product updates, driving customer engagement and sales in their smart ecosystem.
  • A comprehensive electronic labelling solution for Zakcret
    ZKONG's digital solutions transformed Zakcret’s retail environment, offering dynamic pricing and product information, which elevated the customer journey and sales performance.
  • A comprehensive electronic labelling solution for BESTORE
    BESTORE leveraged ZKONG's IoT solutions to optimize in-store operations and enhance customer satisfaction, resulting in improved efficiency and a surge in revenue.

Benefits of ZKONG Digital Store Retail Solutions

  • 01.
    Enhanced Operational Efficiency

    ZKONG Digital Store Retail Solutions streamline retail operations by automating several key processes, such as pricing updates, inventory management, and product information display. By integrating Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) with a retailer’s existing ERP system, ZKONG enables real-time updates of prices and product details directly on the shelf, eliminating the need for manual price tagging and reducing the risk of pricing discrepancies. This automation not only saves significant time and labor costs but also minimizes human errors, ensuring a more efficient and accurate retail operation.

  • 02.
    Improved Customer Experience

    ZKONG’s solutions significantly enhance the shopping experience for customers. The use of ESLs to display comprehensive product information, including prices, specifications, and even promotional offers, empowers customers to make informed purchasing decisions without the need for additional assistance. This level of transparency and accessibility fosters a sense of trust and satisfaction among customers, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business. Furthermore, the dynamic nature of digital displays allows for instant updates and promotions, keeping the shopping experience fresh and engaging.

  • 03.
    Optimized Inventory Management

    With ZKONG’s cloud-based platform, retailers gain valuable insights into their inventory levels in real-time. This enables more accurate stock control, reducing the likelihood of overstocking or stockouts, and ensuring that popular items are always available. The platform’s ability to track expiration dates and alert staff about low-stock items further optimizes inventory management, leading to more efficient use of resources and reduced waste. By aligning stock levels closely with market demand, retailers can improve their bottom line and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

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