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Hangzhou Zkong Networks Co., Ltd.
ZKONG's IoT Retail Solutions revolutionize warehouse management by integrating Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) with client ERP systems for real-time stock updates and alerts. This connectivity facilitates efficient inventory control, reduces paper usage, and enhances operational efficiency through automated processes and accurate order fulfillment. The platform’s cloud-based nature allows for seamless tracking of inventory levels, minimizing out-of-stock scenarios and optimizing warehouse operations.

Success Stories

ZKONG’s electronic shelf labels and digital signage streamlined a major warehouse’s operations, reducing labor costs by 25% and improving inventory accuracy with real-time updates and automated stock management.

  • A comprehensive electronic labelling solution for StockPro
    Leveraging ZKONG's IoT solutions, StockPro transformed its warehouse management, achieving real-time inventory accuracy and significantly reducing manual workload and paper waste.
  • A comprehensive electronic labelling solution for Homat
    Homat utilized ZKONG's ESLs and cloud platform to streamline inventory control, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring a smoother supply chain process.
  • A comprehensive electronic labelling solution for Trade Depot
    Trade Depot
    With ZKONG's technology, Trade Depot optimized its warehouse operations, enabling faster order fulfillment and minimizing stock discrepancies through efficient inventory tracking.

Benefits of ZKONG Digital Store Solutions for Warehouse

  • 01.
    Enhanced Inventory Accuracy and Visibility

    This immediate access to accurate inventory data reduces the likelihood of stock discrepancies and overstocking or understocking situations. It ensures that warehouse managers can make informed decisions based on current inventory levels, leading to more efficient use of warehouse space and resources.

  • 02.
    Streamlined Operations and Reduced Manual Labor

    The automation capabilities of ZKONG Digital Store Solutions significantly streamline warehouse operations, minimizing the need for manual labor. By automating tasks such as stock updates, price changes, and inventory audits, warehouses can operate more efficiently and with fewer errors. 

  • 03.
    Improved Order Fulfillment and Customer Satisfaction

    With ZKONG’s solutions, warehouses can achieve faster and more accurate order fulfillment. The real-time inventory management capabilities allow for quicker picking and packing processes, as workers can easily locate items and verify stock levels. This efficiency in order fulfillment leads to shorter lead times and more timely deliveries to customers.

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