Hangzhou Zkong Networks Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Zkong Networks Co., Ltd.
ZKONG's Digital Store Solutions leverage IoT retail industry solutions with a cloud-based electronic shelf label system as the core infrastructure, integrating AI, big data, and cloud computing. This approach helps customers significantly reduce costs, optimize workflows and efficiency, and enhance the market competitiveness of their brands.

Company Profile

Hangzhou ZKONG Network Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou ZKONG Network Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive national high-tech enterprise. It is mainly engaged in the research, development and sales of wireless intelligent hardware and new retail IoT technology, providing diversified services for new retail, supermarkets and department stores, beauty and fashion, consumer electronics, fresh food chains, medical, warehousing, catering industries, and constantly exploring more new application areas.

ZKONG Digital Store Solutions provides IoT retail industry solutions with cloud-based electronic shelf label system as the infrastructure through the combination of AI, big data and cloud computing. We help customers to effectively reduce costs, optimize workflow and efficiency, and enhance the market competitiveness of their brands.

Global Services

Global Services

ZKONG Network Co., Ltd. extends its innovative IoT and smart retail solutions globally, serving diverse markets including Canada, the USA, Germany, Russia, Brazil, France, China, India, and Japan. Our cutting-edge technology empowers retailers worldwide to revolutionize their operations, ensuring efficiency, cost reduction, and enhanced competitiveness in the fast-evolving retail landscape.

  • 25000 +
  • 300 +
  • 50 +
  • 18 yrs+


  • 15yrs experience
    15yrs experience

    With 15 years of experience in the industry, we have a deep understanding of the characteristics of wireless transmission technology and industry needs

  • End-to-end

    ZKONG has its own automated manufacturing base with a strong mass production capacity of 10 million, allowing ZKONG to provide high quality products while minimizing costs

  • Highly customized
    Highly customized

    40,000㎡ of own factory and fully automated production lines. Allows clients to customize their products to meet their specific needs and enables fast delivery to all markets

Awards and Exhibitions

Chinashop 2023
Chinashop 2023
 Paris Retail Week 2022
Paris Retail Week 2022
 NRF 2022
NRF 2022
 C-Star 2020
C-Star 2020

Our History

  • 2023

    100,000+ shops with ESL products equipped.

    Multi-region localization in North America, Europe and Asia regions

  • 2022

    Preferred ESL provider for ICA, COOP, SPAR, Public.gr,7-ELEVEn, Lotus, Carrefour, Vodafone, etc..Covered 25,000+ stores in over 60 countries.

  • 2020

    - Year-on-year revenue growth of 230% in global markets
    - The 3rd generation of Valley Series and the world's thinnest 7.5mm Blade series was launched
    - High profile appearances at NRF and EUROSHOP

  • 2019

    - ZKONG helps Hema Fresh to complete deployment of cloud ESLs in about 95% of its shops nationwide
    - ZKONG launched Shield series, the second generation of cloud electronic shelf label
    - Cloud electronic shelf labels sales ranked first in China this year

  • 2018

    - Completed the development of the second generation of BLE 5.0-based cloud electronic shelf label communication protocols, laying the foundation of the industry's leading technology

  • 2017

    - Launched the world's first cloud electronic shelf label solution
    - Hangzhou R&D Centre established in collaboration with Alibaba Group
    - Successful deployment of SaaS electronic shelf label in Hangzhou, Germany and Japan

  • 2016

    - Initial partnership with major groups such as Alibaba
    - Launched Wi-Fi/Bluetooth wireless IoT base stations self-developed and manufactured.

  • 2013

    - 40,000 square meters of own new factory completed
    - Layout WLAN/IoT smart hardware development
    - Rated "High-tech Enterprise in Zhejiang Province"

  • 2010

    - Introduction of fully automated SMT/DIP production line.
    - Initial formation of a complete supply chain system.
    - Comprehensive layout of enterprise-class wireless WLAN-related production facilities

  • 2008

    - WLAN related products were selected for China Mobile's collection tender
    - Became the supplier of TP-LINK, Huasan, Huaxin etc.

  • 2006

    - Founded in Zhejiang China
    - Developed and manufactured wireless communication devices for ISP

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