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H-Pharma Partners Zkong to Digitalise Pharmacy with ESL system

Publisher:Zkong Release time:May 12 , 2020 Source:Zkong


H-Pharma, the No.1 Manufacturer in Europe of medical storage and presentation systems. This innovative team got an insight into improving in-store efficiency to better serve customers,they decided to equiped Zkong electronic shelf labels for their pharmacy clients.


As dynamic price information centrally managed by pharmacy suppliers have to be guaranteed. It must be harmony with the whole style of their display design but still elegant.In addition, the drugstore required a full integration of the solution into their existing ERP&POS system.

H-Pharma Partners Zkong to Digitalise Pharmacy with ESL system


Zkong cloud ESL system deliver the best and the most flexible solution to meet our partners' demand with H-Pharma.

1. We armed leading-edge technologies, no time is wasted when it comes to changing prices on the shelf precisly, flexibly and efficiently.

2. Personalised appearence fits various environment seamlessly,which go beyond merely providing an aesthetically pleasing shelf edge.

3. Zkong cloud system has been integrated into the existing accounting software seamless with clear path.

H-Pharma Partners Zkong to Digitalise Pharmacy with ESL system


1. Some drugstores managed to increase sales with use of the promotion function with special pricing offers and precision marketing generated almost 50% the volume as usual.

2. The ESLs have given all pharmacy associates more time to concerntrate on assisting customers, instead of wasting time printing and changing new paper labels.

3. The whole process of installation of the infrastructure and the labels was completed within one day without any impact on the daily business.

4. Created a more personal connection with customers by visual communication and satisfactory service.

H-Pharma Partners Zkong to Digitalise Pharmacy with ESL system

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