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  • 1. What is an Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)?

    An Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) is a device that uses EPD (Electrophoresis Display) technology to display product prices and information, typically installed on shelves. It connects to a backend system via wireless communication, allowing real-time updates of prices and images.

  • 2. What is an LCD commercial display?

    An LCD commercial display is a screen using Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology for various commercial purposes, such as price listing, advertising, information display, and digital signage. They are widely used in shopping malls, convenience stores, consuming electronics, beauty stores and other retail locations.

  • 3. What are the main advantages of ESL?

    The main advantages of ESL include:

    • Real-time updates: Wireless communication enables quick and accurate updates of product prices and information, avoiding manual errors and time consumption.

    • Cost reduction: Reduces labor costs associated with manually changing paper labels and improves operational efficiency.

    • Enhanced customer experience: Provides accurate and clear product information, improving the shopping experience.

    • Eco-friendly: Reduces the use of paper and ink, contributing to environmental protection.

  • 4. What are the main advantages of LCD commercial displays?

    The main advantages of LCD commercial displays include:

    • High resolution: Provides clear and sharp image quality, attracting audience attention.

    • Durability: Designed for 24/7 operation, suitable for various commercial environments.

    • Flexibility: Content can be changed as needed, supporting multiple media formats.

    • Scalability: Can be used in video walls to cover larger spaces.

  • 5. How do ESLs and LCD commercial displays work?

    ESLs use wireless communication technologies (such as RF, Wi-Fi, BLE) to connect to a central management system. The management system sends price and information updates to the ESLs, and the displays show the updated information instantly.

    By using ZKONG's self-developed accessories, ESLs are inserted and placed in the display area of the corresponding shelves, forming the ESL Internet of Things accordingly.

    ESLs are typically battery-powered with a long lifespan.

    LCD commercial displays connect borderless to content management systems via video signal interfaces (such as HDMI, DisplayPort) or stoned the contents needed inside, then change the content and frequency of switching according to the actual needs.

  • 6. What are the application scenarios for ESLs and LCD commercial displays?

    ESLs are widely used in:

    • Retail: Supermarkets, consumer electronics, beauty stores, convenience stores, pharmacies and specialty off-line shops for displaying product prices and promotional information.

    • Warehouse management: For inventory management and product location.

    • Manufacturing: For real-time information display on production lines.

    • Smart office: Name card placing and position identification.

    LCD commercial displays are commonly used in:

    • Retail display: Promotional and product display within stores.

    • Advertising: Advertising boards and information displays in bakery, vegetable & fruit, seafood and other normal shelf areas.

  • 7. Are ESLs complicated to install and maintain?

    ESLs are relatively easy to install, typically requiring only to be fixed on shelves and connected to the central management system. Maintenance is minimal due to the long battery life (usually several years), focusing mainly on software management and occasional device replacement.

  • 8. What are the costs of ESLs and LCD commercial displays?

    ESLs have a high initial investment cost, but in the long run, the reduction in labor costs and increased operational efficiency make the total cost more manageable. The specific cost depends on the system scale, number of labels, and technology chosen.

    If you have a specific project information and the number of equipment needs, please leave us a message or call directly at 400-856-9811.

  • 9. How is the security of ESLs ensured?

    ESL systems typically have multi-layer security measures, including encrypted communication, authentication, and access control, ensuring the security of data transmission and system stability.

  • 10. How is the security of LCD commercial displays ensured?

    The security of LCD commercial displays primarily involves data transmission and content management through firewalls, encryption, and access control. Physical security is also important to prevent theft or damage.

  • 11. Do ESLs require specific software?

    Yes, ZKONG Cloud ESL system is typically specialized in label information updates and system settings, which can also be integrated into existing retail management systems for unified management and on-site operation.

  • 12. Can ESLs display other information?

    In addition to prices, ESLs can display product names, promotional information, inventory status, QR codes, and more. The specific content can be configured according to actual needs.

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