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Introducing ZKONG’s Latest Fashion Master

Publisher:Zkong Release time:Sep 30 , 2020 Source:Zkong

No one foresaw the intensity of COVID-19 crisis, but some fashion companies are finding that they are better equipped than others—largely because of their digital know-how.

The health and safety of employees and customers always the absolute priority. By now, fashion companies have closed stores, it’s unprecedented timing to introduce and set up digital tools like fashiontag for remote working and collaboration in warehouses, distribution centers and physical stores.

Introducing ZKONG’s Latest Fashion Master

Generally, electronic price label / fashiontag has the potential to provide support for fashion companies in four key points: dynamic price display, additional customer service, omnichannel experience, process improvement.

Many case studies for ESL / fashiontag of ZKONG have focused upon customer communication and experience.

Introducing ZKONG’s Latest Fashion Master

With the latest fashiontag generation of ZKONG, electronic paper display and 5 years battery life availability, as well as price and product managed by ZKONG Cloud System anywhere at anytime.

Introducing ZKONG’s Latest Fashion Master

The value of ZKONG fashiontag in fashion:

Synchronize online and offline information for an omnichannel experience
No manual and costly tasks by replacing paper labels, saving staff more time for sale
Adjust prices for seasonal/weather-related promotions easily
For more frequent campaigns
Product also offers stock management, and anti-theft features
The possibility of scanning QR-codes order the item on the website
Customized design to fits your brand style

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