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Revolutionize Your Retail Experience at Booth 1512 with ZKONG

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Want to make it matter? Make it to our booth.

We are participating in NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show, and we want you there with us!

Revolutionize your Retail Experience at Booth 1512 with ZKONG

You can find us at booth 1512 located in the Expo, where we will showcase our full range of Electronic Shelf Labels and newly released Four-color ESLs. Our presence at NRF 2024 is not just about showcasing our capabilities; it's an invitation to explore a partnership that values innovation, quality, and a shared vision for the future of retail. If our dedication to excellence resonates with you, we warmly invite you to join us at this event to discover how our ESL solutions can revolutionize your retail experience.

Revolutionize your Retail Experience at Booth 1512 with ZKONG

As a pioneering force in Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) manufacturing and direct exporting, ZKONG stands as a beacon of innovation, quality, and cost-effectiveness in the retail technology sphere. Our journey at ZKONG has been marked by over 15 years of groundbreaking research and development in wireless communications, underpinned by a 40,000㎡ state-of-the-art, fully automated production facility. This foundation has enabled us to meet and exceed the expectations of our diverse clientele, offering rapid delivery, no minimum order quantities, and tailored customization to enhance your brand’s unique identity.

ZKONG has built a remarkable legacy through enduring partnerships with leading material suppliers and world-renowned distributors. This commitment to quality and collaboration has made us the preferred ESL provider for esteemed brands such as Intermarche, SPAR, 7-Eleven, Watson, COOP, ICA, Public.gr., Yamada Denki, Estee Lauder, Carrefour, Lotus, H-Pharma, Dr. Max, Vodafone, T-Mobile, TRUE, and eMag, among others.

Revolutionize your Retail Experience at Booth 1512 with ZKONG

We eagerly await the opportunity to meet you at NRF 2024 and discuss how we can collaborate to shape the future of retail. For more details about our participation and to schedule a meeting, please contact sales@zkong.com or leave a message!

Retail’s Big Show is the one event that consistently delivers the lasting insights and connections you need to not just stand out today but stand the test of time. Here retailers of all kinds come together to hear from the biggest changemakers, experience the latest innovations and make the relationships that matter most.

2 ways to join us:

1. Retail All-Access Pass

This pass gives qualified retailers access to three floors of exhibitors and installations, a host of networking programs and 170+ sessions. NRF 2024 sessions span across three days and are designed to inspire as well as instruct, featuring leading retail industry leaders from a variety of retail roles, partner companies and more. The All-Access Pass gives you access to it all!

As our guest, you are eligible for a special code that saves you 20% on registration.

Click on the link below and use code 4646 to get this exclusive deal.


2. Retail FREE Expo Pass

This pass lets qualified retailers discover the latest retail technologies and find the right solutions and partners. Your Expo Pass includes access to 1,000+ exhibitors, 100+ Exhibitor Big Ideas sessions, the NRF Innovation Lab, Startup Hub, Foodservice Innovation Zone and more.


We look forward to seeing you in person!

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