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Going Digital: Castlery's Journey with ZKONG ESL Solutions

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We are delighted to share the success story of our esteemed client, Castlery. As a leading home furnishing brand based in Singapore, Castlery has achieved digital transformation by deploying ZKONG ESL.


Customer Background

Castlery is a homegrown Singaporean furniture brand that prioritizes a “digital-first” approach. Castlery offers modern and contemporary furniture designs at accessible prices, with a rich product line that includes living room, dining room, bedroom, and outdoor furniture. Castlery's business spans 54 metropolitan areas in the United States, Australia, and Singapore.



Project Overview

In a single store, Castlery deployed approximately 400  ZKONG V Series electronic shelf labels.



This strategic move brought the following benefits:


1.Enahnced Operational Efficiency 

The deployment of our V Series ESLs significantly reduced the time and effort required for price tag updates. This allowed Castlery’s showroom staff to focus  on assisting customers and performing other value-added tasks.

2.Improved Accuracy

Fully automated and real-time product information updates enabled through backend system integrations ensures that customers always receive the latest and most accurate information.

3.“Paperless Retail”

 Paper usage was substantially reduced, strongly supporting environmental sustainability and promoting a greener retail environment.

4.Enhanced brand aesthetics while leveraging on technology 

Castlery uses customized,beautifully crafted leather pouches to encase the ESLs, perfectly aligning with their brand aesthetics while leveraging on technology to enhance operational efficiency.

5.Superior Design and Installation

The V Series ESLs feature an incredibly slim design,with excellent color display quality and an easy installation process,effectively helping Castlery achieve comprehensive product information display and significantly enhancing store appearance.



What is Beyond

Castlery's international markets currently account for nearly 80% of group revenue and are entering a phase of rapid and sustainable growth. We hope to strengthen our collaboration and jointly create more benchmark digital retail stores.


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Store Location: Singapore

Industry: Home Furnishings

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