ZKONG Sparkle Colors Trust-Mart Store Environment
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Just in the past few days, ZKONG has smoothly installed Sparkle Series smart signage in Trust-Mart to help this supermarket build a more colorful shopping environment and a more efficient store management system.

About Trust-Mart

Trust-Mart is a chain of Chinese retail supercenters. It was founded in 1997 by investors based in Taiwan Region and as of 2021, had over 100 stores across more than 20 provinces in China Mainland. And Walmart had completed the merger of Trust-Mart in 2011.

Installation Background

In fact, stores of Trust-Mart and Walmart (those used to be Trust-Mart stores) has been faced with problems posed by this changing century recent years , leading to more and more of its stores having to shut down. An important factor is that the traditional retail supermarket keeps losing attraction from customers gradually. Neither the pricing in store nor the shopping environment is to the liking of young people. They have a plenty of other shopping choices instead, such as online shopping and membership new retail.

Therefore, how to rebuild in-store environment to improve customer experience is the vital component waiting to be solved for Trust-Mart to maintain and enhance its market share.

Installation Results

The unified appearance of Sparkle Series endows the store of Trust-Mart with harmonious and high-tech sense, enhancing stores overall image. The colorful screen displays vivid video of products, product name, bar code and other information, comprehensively introducing items to customers in a compelling way.

Sparkle can operate normally between -20℃ to 70℃ and is IP65 rated water&dust resistant, fully satisfying application across varied scenarios. It can hence be placed in frozen food or cooked food area to represent various features of different items without limitation of places.

Sparkle realizes 0.1s update speed. So it can not only keep price replacing fast and precise, but also satisfy any advertising strategies. Moreover, Sparkle is equipped with super-rich template library, including countless item video and pictures which can be freely choose. The template library also can be infinitely expanded.

Moreover, ZKONG pioneering cloud SaaS platform can be used globally without installation, supporting NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to efficiently collaborate multiple ZKONG devices across stores.

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