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iResearch Regards Zkong Cloud ESL as Trending Retail Technology!

Publisher:Zkong Release time:Aug 11 , 2020 Source:Zkong

According to the result of “China Retail Technology Industry Research Report 2020” studied by iResearch:

The COVID-19 has raised awareness of retail technology among retailers, They're counting on retail technology to optimize the consumer experience,

reduce costs and increase the profitability of their business.

> Retail Technology Industry Map of China

iResearch Regards Zkong Cloud ESL as Trending Retail Technology!

ESL is creating such key benefits for retail industries both retailers and customers:

- Satisfy and keep customers happy is your mission paramount.
What kinds of technologies and innovations will be popular for our evolving consumers? As well, iResearch says ESL will help to enhance customers’ experience and further influences to drive sales.

- Grow your margins with lowest cost and highest efficiency.
Replacing traditional paper labels with electronic shelf labels, improves the efficiency of the entire process to achieve price changing automated in seconds, limitless, paperless, precisely, saves your times focus on customers.

iResearch Regards Zkong Cloud ESL as Trending Retail Technology!

ZKONG Get the most Advanced ESL CLOUD SYSTEM:

ZKONG creates the first CLOUD ESL solution breaking through industry-level problems based on 15 years of R&D experience in communication hardware and software. Currently serving 3000+ stores of iconic brands such as FreshHema, China Mobile, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Sinopec, etc.

Why Choose ZKONG ESL:

Disruptive Cloud ESL Platform. Traditional ESL systems suffer from inflexibility of deployment, etc. ZKONG has flexible deployment options fits for our clients.

Our own factory for all needs. Customers with high volume, individual design requirements can be accommodated in a timely manner with lowest costs.

High level of data security. Increased level of protection of customer data through the most advanced and stringent security technologies.

Bluetooth-based private communication protocol. Bluetooth consumes less power and faster than traditional methods such as 2.4G private protocols.

iResearch Regards Zkong Cloud ESL as Trending Retail Technology!

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