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Guard Your Store with Best ESL Solution

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Human civilization is now facing a global crisis, which maybe the biggest one of our generation. But the struggle time will pass, most of us will survive, however we will dwell in a total different world.

The decisions companies and governments take in the next few months will mold the world for years to come.Meanwhile, perhaps you've been challenged in term of store operation and supply chain management for a long time, even before this outbreak.

Your have to take actions quickly with a firm brain to catch up all opportunities to transform.

Guard Your Store with Best ESL Solution

The right time to digitalization

But why suggest retailers starting with digitising your places?

1. Maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world.
Keep up with your partners and competitors in retail industry who are thriving in spite of all the pressures, and do better.

2. Revolutionise the in-store experience and evolve with your customers.
90% of all retail sales transactions still occur within the store. You have to bring together people, data, and processes to create value for your customers, using innovative tools and technology for engaging those customers in your place to shop.

We break down the details on who we are and why you should choose Zkong to get help.

Guard Your Store with Best ESL Solution

What we can do

We are Zkong Networks who has over 15 years' experience of developing wireless communication devices.

As a worldwide leader in Cloud Electronic Shelf Labels, Zkong provide our customers with a complete solution of IoT and Cloud Platform to meet the requirements of all types of retail businesses.

Guard Your Store with Best ESL Solution

1. Cost-efficiency

Operate your stores more efficiency by our cloud platform with less labor and materials cost. Automatic price changing in seconds without any paper consumption during this outbreak or any other time.

Guard Your Store with Best ESL Solution

2. Safer with Less Crowed

Geolocation will lead customers to get the goods faster and more accurately. Enhance the speed of customers’ flow, optimize and shorten processes. Preventing the risk of infection due to overcrowding, and keeping perfect experience.

Guard Your Store with Best ESL Solution

3. Social Distancing

Manage and monitor your stores both online and offline from your house. Shoppers checks more imformations via QR code on the labels without touching.

Guard Your Store with Best ESL Solution

Guard Your Store with Best ESL Solution

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