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ZKONG at ECOM2024: Showcasing Innovation and Engaging with the ESL Industry

Publisher:Zkong Release time:Jun 06 , 2024 Source:Zkong

[June 6, 2024] – The ECOM2024 exhibition, one of the most prestigious events in the retail technology industry, took place from June 5 to June 6. As a global leader in the ESL industry, ZKONG NETWORKS was proud to participate and showcase our flagship ESL & LCD products.


Exhibits Highlights:

  • Blade Series 4-Color Digital Shelf Price Tags: Ultra-thin design with high-resolution displays for clear and vibrant pricing information. These labels seamlessly integrate with existing systems, providing a flexible solution for dynamic pricing and promotions.

  • Valley Series 4-Color Grocery Store Shelf Labels: Robust construction with long battery life, ideal for high-traffic environments. Multiple colors highlight promotions and important product information effectively.

  • Digital Signage Solutions: Ultra-clear full-color visuals with outstanding picture quality. Supports various content formats, perfect for engaging customers with dynamic advertisements.

ZKONG's presence at ECOM2024 underscored our commitment to driving innovation in the retail industry.


For more information about ZKONG and our innovative ESL solution, please visit our website or contact our sales team.

Contact Information:

Stay tuned for more updates from ZKONG as we continue our journey towards a smarter retail future. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!


Zkong is an innovator and solution provider of Electronic Shelf Labels, offering the most valuable ESL system and a number of revolutionary IoT solutions for the retail industry.

Zkong's ESL solution was born at a tele-communication manufacture-based platform during the fast-growing demands of an omni-retailing background. Due to the advanced technologies of cloud structure and wireless communication, Zkong has become one of the top companies in the global ESL industry.

Zkong has offices around the world and has perfectly met the various demands of thousands of stores globally, helping them overcome challenges of low collaboration efficiency, high price fault rates, poor merchandising basics, and rising operating costs.

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