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In modern retail, Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) have become key tools for enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing customer experience. As a leader in this field, ZKONG offers not only price display functions but also advanced locating features now, significantly elevating the intelligence of retail management. This article will introduce the principles, highlights, application scenarios, and advantages of ZKONG's new ESL locating function.


ZKONG's ESL locating function is achieved through the integration of built-in locating chips within the ESLs and a spatial positioning map. Users can quickly locate specified goods using the ZKONG retail cloud platform. Whether in warehouses, retail stores, or pharmacies, ZKONG cloud ESLs provide real-time updates and seamless integration, greatly enhancing operational efficiency.


ZKONG's ESL locating technology is based on Bluetooth communication between the ESL and wireless base stations. The ESL reports its coordinates to the cloud platform, where multidimensional visual analysis and alerts are conducted to assist managers in locating and managing products. The basic working principle of this system is as follows:


Function Highlights




· Commodity Positioning: Provides the best picking route reference through IoT technology, allowing managers to quickly find needed goods, significantly improving picking and shipping efficiency. Ensures customers can quickly find the products they need, enhancing the shopping experience.


·  Location Alert: Confirms whether products are placed correctly and reasonably, helping staff quickly adjust product positions and improving store operational efficiency.


· Indoor Navigation: Locates specified stores in large shopping malls and provides route navigation within stores to help customers find specified products, allowing better planning of purchasing behavior.

· Electronic : Based on Bluetooth communication between electronic shelf labels and base stations, it calculates and uploads the position of each ESL in real-time. Accurate and efficient position detection allows base stations to detect abnormal behavior immediately and trigger business alerts, assisting users in monitoring critical areas such as warehouses, hospitals, and public safety.

Application Scenarios

The function shows strong application value in various scenarios, including but not limited to:

Large Supermarkets and Chain Stores

1. Quickly locate products, optimize restocking processes, and reduce the time employees spend searching for products.

2. Help customers quickly locate needed products, better planning their purchasing behavior.

Warehousing and Logistics

1. Optimize parcel delivery and picking routes efficiency through real-time positioning.

2. Reduce product loss and misplacement, improving logistics operations effect.

Pharmacies and Medical Supply Chains

1. Ensure reasonable placement of medications, guaranteeing their validity and safety.

2. Enhance medication picking and restocking efficiency, reducing human errors.


As various industries continue to develop, intelligent and digital solutions will become key to business competitiveness. Through its advanced ESL locating technology, ZKONG helps diverse industries move towards a smarter and more efficient future.

If you want to learn more about ZKONG ESL and our locating function, please contact us:

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· Email: sales@zkong.com

· Website: www.zkong.com

We look forward to creating a new future of smart retail with you.

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