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Meet ZKONG at Touch Taiwan 2.0!

Publisher:Zkong Release time:May 05 , 2022 Source:Zkong

Touch Taiwan Electronic Technology Exhibition was held as scheduled in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from 27th April to 29th April. As the ecosystem partner of E Ink -- the leading developer and supplier of e-paper display technology, ZKONG was on show at Touch Taiwan with Essence four-color electronic shelf label and smart store solution, sharing ESL multi-industry digitization solution with exhibitors and visitors.

About Touch Taiwan 2.0

As the largest event of electronic technology industry in Taiwan district, Touch Taiwan is the only exhibition jointly supported by TDUA, TPSA, TDMDA, TEEIA, SID and other industry associations. And it collects exhibitors from China, Japan, America, Germany, Britain, Canada and other countries, constructing an important platform of across-domain consolidation for electronic industries.

Touch Taiwan held 6 exhibition areas this time: display & solution, smart manufacturing, advanced equipment, industrial material, startup, green technology in order to integrate energy of these 6 industries to boost their co-sharing and development. The purpose of Touch Taiwan 2.0, is to integrate the display industry and to serve as a platform that proactively helps manufacturers expand their business.

1. Start with ESL -- Open the Digital Future

All industries are facing smart innovation as 5G era is coming. With the retail industry moving towards automation, online shopping click&collect, the use of electronic shelf labels as a real-time product and price information interface brings retailers the advantages of system-wide price changes, non-manual updates and clear price information display, and optimizes the shopping experience for consumers.

ZKONG collaborated with the core manufacturer of e-paper technology E Ink and showcased Essence Series -- four-color ESL, Blade Series -- global thinnest ESL and other ESL smart store solution, bringing new retail, supermarket, office, hospital and other industries the unlimited imagination and realization possibility about digital transformation and presenting the vivid application of ZKONG display technology and cloud architecture technology.

2. Four-color ESL Makes Marketing More Colorful

Equipped with E Ink Spectra 3100 four-color e-paper technology, Essence Series ESL uses high-definition black, white, red and yellow to display clear and rich information, meeting the strategic needs of stores employing color marketing. Essence Series is also equipped with “China Core”, featuring ultra-high integration and ultra-low power consumption -- the CPU and memory are improved twice, and the overall refresh speed and distance of electronic shelf label are improved more than three times. In addition, The Essence series is designed to maintain its 'thin and light' positioning. The integrated design of the body provides an 7.5mm slimmer experience, satisfying the aesthetics of the display and setting a precedent for high-end shop displays.

3. Global Thinnest ESL Redefines Industry Standard

Blade Series ESL is as thin as a card with the thickness of 4mm, easily satisfying display requirements of various scenarios and customers’ pursuit of visual experience thanks to the 180°viewable angles. Moreover, BLE 5.0 and ZKONG pioneering AI energy management render the 10-year battery life of Blade, and Blade Series supports IP67 water- & dust-resisting, focusing on the ultra-high requirement of performance in the same time of stressing on design.

4. Pioneering Cloud Architecture for the Best Performance

At Touch Taiwan 2.0, ZKONG cloud platform had attracted huge amount of attention from visitors. the cloud platform first developed by ZKONG in the industry meets the large chain businesses’ requirement of ESL system’s loading amount and processing capability.

The one system can immediately realize different functions in ZKONG ESL, LCD and AI intelligence. In the meantime, ZKONG provides diversified API data interfaces for data exchange and interconnection at different service layers, avoiding the problem of repetitive maintenance. Once the cloud task is delivered, all ESLs in all stores can be updated synchronously, and all stores can be updated in 15 minutes.

5. Just electronics? -- No, This is AI Intelligence!

ZKONG smart solution was shown with ESLs at Touch Taiwan. AI intelligence system realizes smart interaction, item identification, face identification, shelves management and other functions, including intelligent generation of display suggestion, precise orientation and exploration of customers’ preferences, assisting merchants in adjusting marketing strategies in order to improve sales opportunities. Therefore, ZKONG intelligence system does not only raise store area-efficiency and reduce operation and maintenance costs, but also fundamentally enables offline stores to truly have an intelligent operation and management system which is comparable to or even surpasses online stores.


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