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Zkong — A High Speed Train on the “Retail Track”

Publisher:Zkong Release time:Nov 25 , 2019 Source:Zkong

How to grow partners business? And how to grow with partners together? Those two questions are frequently discussed among Zkong’s team and often proposed as the primary topic when business plan is on the table.

And one answer is at least crystal clear that we must provide the most valuable product and solution to help our partners progress and become more competitive at the markets. Only when we meet that requirement, we can look ahead for more jobs for our partners.

One basic line is Zkong has built the core strategic partnership with E-ink, which means Zkong will provide the world’s best ESL product and industrial solutions with the lowest cost for partners all over the world. So that Zkong can fulfill its commitment to mutual benefits and promise to grow together on the “Retail Track”.

Zkong is on the top of E-ink’s partner list

▲ Zkong is on the top of E-ink’s partner list

Based on the solid and quality-guaranteed supply from E-ink, Zkong has developed and launched new items very quickly. At 2019 CHINASHOP, Zkong has launched double-screen ESL and multi-color ESL, both of them the world’s first product. For the double-screen, it has completely resolved the problem of digital signage especially for the meeting room. And for the multi color, it will start a revolution for store marketing.

Unbelievable double-screen ESL for digital signage

▲ Unbelievable double-screen ESL for digital signage

The world’s first multi-color ESL

▲ The world’s first multi-color ESL

With its own advantages, Zkong is establishing a unique business model both for the suppliers and for the buyers. And Zkong is also constructing an innovative business network for all the potential partners. Zkong is more like a high speed train taking a ride for all the “passengers” on the “Retail Track”.

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