EuroCIS 2022 | ZKONG at the Retail Technology Feast
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EuroCIS - Tomorrow is the New Today is held in Düsseldorf from may 31st to June 2nd, 2022. As the most important trade fair for retail technology in Europe, EuroCIS 2022 gathers wholesale, IT & security industry, consumer goods, e-commerce and other diverse industries and focuses on hot topics in retail technology such as seamless store, customer centricity and payments, showing prospects and future fields of international retail through the driving force of intelligent technology.

ZKONG this time presents the latest smart retail solution, proposing the possibility of solve problems existing in retail scenarios to help retailers succeed, especially during the pandemic period.

Comprehensive Types of ESL and Smart Signage

ZKONG showcases various series of products to meet needs of all kinds of retail environment and strategy. Here are some compelling ZKONG products.

The fourth generation of ZKONG Blade Series is the worlds thinnest ESL, perfectly satisfying store esthetic demands. While Essence Series supports four-color & full-color display and still holds 10-year battery life.

As the full-color LCD, Sparkle Series and Legendary Series occupy a whole wall of ZKONG booth. The ultra-wide display area with various sizes play colorful content, attracting a lot of visitors attention.

Extraordinary Cloud SaaS Platform

ZKONG workers in EuroCIS 2022 presents the pioneering ZKONG cloud platform to visitors which takes the lead to truly solve the problem of ESL system architecture. ZKONG platform can be used across the globe without installation. all devices in all stores are managed in the cloud and can be monitored remotely. Besides, the cloud platform can achieve the switch of entire store within 15 mins, updating ESL and LCD synchronously once the cloud task is delivered.

Equipped with a Variety of Strong Functions

ZKONG cloud system offers flexible automatic page-switch function for ESL customers which meets customers needs of daily promotional activities, and all they need to do is to simply set up in advance.

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 contract, the ESL and digital signage are more general, stable and energy-efficient. And the battery life of ESL can work up to 15 years without changing.

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